Why choose ClariVita for legal interpreting

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Our valued Central Florida client Attorney Henry Lim from Lim and Associates was able to discuss with us why Clarivita’s legal interpreting is so valuable. Attorney Lim explains that the biggest benefit of using Clarivita is the accuracy in their translation and interpreting services . He can count on the interpretations in a court setting to be correct the first time. Explaining that one’s experience might be night and day based on the level of accuracy of the translation.  He explains that having the interpretation done by a selected friend or relative may cause a significant amount of delay at trial if the message gets lost in translation.

Attorney Henry Lim and Associates called upon Clarivita Language Services: “It was perfect the first time around. It was very professionally done. We were thoroughly impressed with the services from Clarivita Language Services … Overall our service has been nothing short of spectacular with Clarivita Language Services.” Attorney Lim explains that the difference of using Clarivita services compared to someone that is “Bilingual” is the professional aspect. When dealing with the legal, medical or any other professional field, it is crucial that translation is done correctly the first time, and this is the greatest benefit of working with Clarivita Language Services.

If you are in need of translation in the legal, medical or professional field, the translators and interpreters of Clarivita are ready to be of service to you.

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