Reasons for using qualified medical interpreters

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ClariVita’s very own Mara Cawthorn took time to inform us why it is so important to hire a certified medical translator. Certified medical translators have been trained and assessed, providing them with a vast knowledge of medical terminology. This leads to fewer errors in communication, relating in shorter patient doctor interactions and shorter hospital stays. Having been trained in the medical protocol, which is just as important as medical terminology, they are HIPPA compliant and remain objective in the role as a medical interpreter. Certified medical translators know how and when to clarify, accurately and completely interpreting everything that is being said. These are a few benefits of hiring a certified medical translator that lead to increased patient satisfaction, and decreased readmission rates.

ClariVita’s lead interpreter training specialist, Mara Cawthorn has been working in the industry for 20+ years. With a major in Legal Translation and Interpretation, and minoring in Technical, Literary and Journalistic Translation. Mara heads ClariVita’s vision to lead the language services industry by example through providing the highest quality of service and value to clients, utilizing the most advanced technologies and training systems, and continuing to uplift and support the need for standardized competencies for linguists serving in the Healthcare and Legal sectors.

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